Ceramic Membrane Products
CRM/FCM/PCR Ceramic Membranes for Solid-Liquid Separation
TFT has been producing and developing tubular ceramic membranes for many years, which have been widely applied for high accurary filtration and separation in food&beverage, petrol chemical, pharmaceutical, and waste water treatment etc.
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Petrol Chemical
Petrol Chemical
Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Company profile
Nanjing tangent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd
We are a professional provider of inorganic ceramic membrane products and high difficulty fluid membrane separation solutions. TFT has been committed to the production and research and development of inorganic microporous ceramic membrane and membrane separation and purification equipment
ICIM2024 Succeed in Florianopolis, Brazil
The 5-day (July 1- July 5) 17th International Conference of Inorganic Membranes (ICIM2024) was successfully concluded on July 5, 2024 in Florianopolis , a beautiful city in Brazil. As a famous manufacturer of inorganic membranes and membrane filtration systems, TFT was the sole silver sponsor to ICIM2024 from China. We exhibited kinds of inorganic membranes and technology to all the participants and scientists from around the world.
Many Customers Visited TFT for Further Cooperation
Many customers from India, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, etc. have visited TFT for on-the-spot inspections and exchanges in May. Our company coordinates reception welcomed every customer very sincerely.
The 27th China Chlor-Alkali Forum
From April 24th to 26th, the 27th China Chlor-Alkali Forum was held in Suzhou. More than 320 representatives from the chlor-alkali and upstream and downstream industries attended the meeting. Ceramic membrane filtration technology has been proven to be a popular primary brine purification process in the global chlor-alkali industry. This innovative technology can greatly improve the quality of brine, has reliable performance, and effectively promotes energy conservation and consumption reduction in the chlor-alkali industry.
Happy International Women's Day 2024!
Today is the International Women's Day. On this special day, TFT would like to express our sincere gratitude to our female compatriots, especially to our female employees who have worked hard and dedicated their lives silently. TFT extended sincere wishes for all of our female employees working in various positions! Sincerely wish you health, beauty, happiness and joy, and thank your families for their understanding and support of your hard work!
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