Ceramic Membrane Products
CRM/FCM/PCR Ceramic Membranes for Solid-Liquid Separation
TFT has been producing and developing tubular ceramic membranes for many years, which have been widely applied for high accurary filtration and separation in food&beverage, petrol chemical, pharmaceutical, and waste water treatment etc.
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Petrol Chemical
Petrol Chemical
Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment
Company profile
Nanjing tangent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd
We are a professional provider of inorganic ceramic membrane products and high difficulty fluid membrane separation solutions. TFT has been committed to the production and research and development of inorganic microporous ceramic membrane and membrane separation and purification equipment
TFT Ceramic Membranes Shown on the CIPPE 2022
From July 28~30th in city Shenzhen, our CRM ceramic membrane was shown on the 22nd China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition(CIPPE 2022).
TFT Honored as Anti-epidemic Pioneer
On June 20th, 2022, TFT was honored as anti-epidemic pioneer by Nanjing Energy Conservation&Environmental Protection Industry Association (NEEPA).
Happy International Women‘s Day
Today is International Women’s Day, a global day to honor women’s rights and achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres. Women in TFT team play important roles in technology support, sales, finacial services, etc. TFT is very proud of these enpowering women. There is no better time to thanks for what they have been doing for TFT team.
Water Treatment Technology Seminar in Nanjing
On February 17th, TFT was invited to participate in the water treatment technology Seminar held by Nanjing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Association in Nanjing China Construction Installation Group.During the seminar,
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